Ted Cruz refuses to endorse GOP nominee in prime time RNC convention speech

Ted Cruz, refuses to endorse GOP candidate Donald Trump.

Looking for all the world like a “sore loser,” Texas Senator Ted Cruz refused to endorse the 2016 Republican presidential winner Donald J. Trump tonight at the RNC convention in Cleveland.

Even though Newt Gingrich tried to soften the spectacle, by “explaining” away the obvious non-endorsement of the GOP winner Trump by Cruz, many were not buying it.

As the hashtag #TedCruz began, the reactions of upset or support began to the Senator’s otherwise well-received speech on Wednesday. Some thought it was gutsy for Cruz to do. Not everyone, however, thought so.

From fellow Texan, radio host Mark Davis, there was clearly some disgust, however:

And then later, there was this from the Texas talk show host watching the drama unfold Wednesday night before an obviously torn crowd:

Mike Huckabee reacts

A former 2016 Presidential candidate and former Governor of Arkansas, taking to Facebook to publicly react, had strong words.

“The question was whether Cruz would make his speech about HIS future or the future of the country,” Huckabee wrote. “And that question was answered when Ted Cruz chose to not keep his word that he (along with me and every other GOP candidate) gave one year ago in that very arena where tonight he put his own ambitions above country. Donald Trump did something no previous nominee has done—he allowed Ted Cruz to speak without his promising to support the nominee.”

The former governor had more to say. “I’ve spoken at every convention since 1992, and I can attest to the fact that no one got near that stage without supporting the nominee. Trump trusted Ted and was rewarded with a betrayal, but the delegates in that arena booed Cruz off the stage and out of Cleveland.”