Recap: 2016 US Election, Politics

Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Presidential-level political drama: The leaking, hacking, etc. stories of 2016 kept voters on their toes as they looked for the truth and what was actually happening. Here are a few excerpts of the big-interest stories done by me. (Click on hyperlinks to read further or visit websites.)

The July 2016 DNC Walkout of “disgusted” Sanders’ supporters, from the Inquisitr:

“Philadelphia was the scene of a Democratic uprising, a DNC walkout peacefully accomplished, but nevertheless, an ingrown portent perhaps of a bad moon rising over the Party one protestor/Sanders’ delegate called the ‘Hillary party.’

“An estimated 1,800 disgusted Bernie Sanders’ supporters and delegates walked out of the Democratic National Convention’s ‘Hillary Party’ on Tuesday in Philadelphia, and that occurred, according to various media reports, soon after the non-neutral DNC’s favorite candidate, Hillary Clinton, ‘won’ the roll call.”

 Nevada Accusations Of Election Fraud from a congressional candidate also from the Inquisitr. This was posted in September 2016.

“More shocking allegations of Nevada election fraud, including accusations of Democrats using a preferred technology provider that can override state voter registration data files and collusion with the Nevada Democratic Party by persons supporting Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, were explained in a video message by a former congressional candidate in Nevada’s fourth district, Dan Rolle.”

“It was all a coverup. It was all a little game.”

Another political post at Inquisitr’s website, this one also from September 2016 as some voters pondered why Senator Sanders opted to support his rival, DNC-favorite, Clinton in the general election after the big WikiLeaks revelations.

Democratic establishment bias is on the minds of some voters, who also wonder what provoked Senator Bernie Sanders to roll over at the very contentious Philadelphia national convention this summer, even after the WikiLeaks DNC email dump proved DNC bias for Hillary Clinton, and his sudden throwing of support behind the politician/rival he had been hammering away at for many months previously.

“It is no surprise to some that Senator Sanders has called for Clinton to sever all her ties with the Clinton Foundation, the organization which is tagged as being either ‘pay-to-play’ or ‘philanthropic,’ depending upon what each voter has read and does believe this year about the organization and Clinton’s time as Secretary of State under President Barack Obama.”

During Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s time in the Obama Administration, 13 Mobile Devices were lost and apparently could not be found per an FBI report. An excerpt of the Inquisitr story I did is below.

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation report on Hillary Clinton reveals the former Secretary of State under President Barack Obama not only lost 13 mobile devices, which meant these could not be checked forensically, but the former appointee in the Obama Administration was also making important communication decisions based on her own comfort and convenience and not the priority of safeguarding of communications for the Department of State.”

“Under a heading of ‘Clinton e-mail investigation mishandling of classified – unknown subject or country (SIM),’ the FBI Vault report on Clinton begins by stating when they began looking into possible criminal conduct. The information presented indicates that the FBI began their criminal investigation on July 10, 2015 ‘… based upon a referral received from the US Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG)….’

“That USIG referral came on July 6, 2015, and focused upon’“… the potential unauthorized transmission and storage of classified information on the personal e-mail server of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Clinton).’”

Just before the general election in November, it was clear American voters were miserable over their choices for President, and I did another story posted at the Inquisitr November 5. Government dysfunction and international instability were troubling people.

“American voters feeling ‘miserable’ as the big November general election approaches should know they are not alone this year, even as political scientists studying these things are of the opinion it is a good thing.

“Pollster Margie Omero is one who says American voters are feeling ‘miserable,’ according to the VOA news article by Cindy Saine. Omero, working for Purple Strategies public research firm in Virginia, has more details on the national mood.”

“People are feeling a little bit better economically, at least that hasn’t worsened, but you’ve seen economic anxiety replaced by worries about government dysfunction and international instability – ISIS or Ebola or international volatility, school violence, school shootings, crime.”

But it was also stated by experts that “partisan ambivalence” might actually translate into something good.

It “… may mean they are ready to rely on real, factual information for their choices this time through the election cycle,” and not simply vote for their party candidate.

And as one point of view reflected upon Clinton’s winning of the popular vote, while Donald Trump won the more legally important electoral vote to succeed Barack Obama into the Office of the President, the FederalistPapers website reported that “Hillary’s Popular vote win came ENTIRELY from California.”