C. J. Miles is a writer whose articles have appeared on various websites, including Yahoo News, Breitbart,, and under the byline of Carla Miles. (See Tweets.)

While she enjoys reading historical books, diaries and memoirs, the California-born Miles has also published two historical/political fiction genre books (available cheaply in digital download or more expensively in paperback). Both novels focus on the unique individuals occupying the Office of the President in the time just before and then during the American Civil War:  1) Declarations and 2) Accusations. A third book, Reconstructions, was completed November 2016 and covers events taking place during the election year 1864.

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Miles believes getting people to look at things from more than one point of view is important, and she hopes these books help readers better understand U.S. Presidents James Buchanan, Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson, as well as events during the American Civil War.

Armed with a BA in Business Administration & Leadership from Concordia University in Irvine, Miles enjoys following and reporting on local politics in the City of Vista (California).