And So 2017 Begins: Hacking Accusations, Pope Francis Suggests ‘We Need the Lord’

As the newest year begins and people are still making important resolutions, here are a few of my first stories for 2017.

From YahooNews, the “Russia Hacked” US issue rages on.

“White House officials addressed U.S. cyber insecurity issues and the response being taken on Russian diplomats in retaliation for what has been called Russian interference in the recent American elections.

“’It is a fact that Russia interfered in our democratic election,’ according to a senior Obama administration official during a conference call with the press on Thursday as many in the public debate the issue.

“The White House press call regarding the cybersecurity issues and Russian hacking concerns makes very clear the position of the Obama administration on this matter.”

“There’s no debate in the U.S. administration about the fact — and it is a fact — that Russia interfered in our democratic election. We’ve established that clearly to our satisfaction. I would never expect Russia to come out with their hands up and acknowledge what they did. They don’t do that.”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald was dubious about the White House accusations.

Pope Francis, 80, gave a New Year’s Message to Earth’s people, as my post from the Inquisitr relays. Re-examining the “logic of the manger” is considered as a way to perhaps better understand the unseen God.

Pope Francis, in his new year messages at St. Peter’s Basilica suggested that ‘we should acknowledge that we need the Lord to enlighten us’ to the faithful and the tourists who came to celebrate together and hear his message.

“In general, reviewing the various messages in recent days from this pontiff, it seems Francis wanted to express hope and encouragement to the people who came to share, worship and celebrate with him at the Vatican.

 “And Pope Francis clearly sees new opportunities for improvement with the arrival of a new year, per the report from Crux. He added we should consider the infant born in Bethlehem to learn something more about God. As the pontiff points out in his message, there was a plan.

God wanted to be close, in the flesh, to those who feel lost, hurt, discouraged, afraid, inconsolable, or who feel burdened by loneliness so that sin, despair and exclusion [wouldn’t have the final word.] ”